Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God begins with the encouragement to think of it as going on a journey, where we leave self-righteousness and pride behind and travel the journey of truth and humility to a place of holiness. However, I found the book to be more like a series of day trips and often it felt like a random collection of thoughts or sermons on the topic of holiness. Not that these day trips were unpleasant or unfruitful, just that the book seemed to lack an overall flow.

Nevertheless, Francis Frangipane, does share some very good insights and I’ll share some that were most meaningful to me:

• Holiness is the product of grace and God gives grace to the humble.
• Our hunger for God’s glory will cause us to forsake man’s praise.
• Seek God more for himself than for an experience.
• Be prepared to leave the camp of familiarity.
• Truth without grace is only half true.
• Holiness requires Old Testament awe and New Testament grace.
• Holiness precedes power, God empowers what he makes holy. A holy life is a powerful life.
• Even if we cannot fully obey the Word, we keep it as a promise that God will fulfil in our lives.
• Pray for holiness, pursue sanctification.
• Spiritual growth starts with repentance.
• We become holy when we are conformed to his image.
• God seeks our worship.
• It was always the people’s task to tear down their idols, not God’s.
• Holiness exists in a soul without idols.
• In seeking holiness, we seek to surround ourselves with the joy of heaven.
• Holiness means “set apart – to be bright, clean, new, fresh, untarnished.”
• Holiness comes from the presence of God.
• Jesus was the holiest person who ever lived.
• Before we can abandon the love of sin, we must meet the love of Jesus.
• Let people see Jesus in you before you testify.
• A holy life is a life of love.
• Knowing God’s ways leads to rest.
• God makes us holy.
• Nathanael’s honest heart, free from self-deception, led to an open vision.
• We are called to become a holy bride.

Overall, a worthwhile but a somewhat disjointed read.