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Book review : Hidden in Plain Sight, pt 1

January 18, 2008

While on holidays I read several books including, Hidden in plain sight : the secret of more by Mark Buchanan (Thomas Nelson, 2007). Here’s a quote that really confirms my own thoughts (and also, I think, explains the whole book of Job, as well as a whole lot more, particularly in regard to suffering):

The godly live with an awareness that the real drama takes place elsewhere, in a realm beyond the visible the world. The main audience is cosmic, not earthly, angelic and demonic, not human. They believe that we are engaged in something much bigger than ourselves, bigger than earth can contain, bigger than mere humans can comprehend. They believe that their lives sometimes make little sense to the neighbors, or even to themselves, but that there is a throng of heavenly hosts watching with riveted, vested interest. The godly live in a way that makes angels cheer and demons quake.

by Susan Barnes

Susan Barnes

~ writer of insightful posts about God and faith

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