I enjoyed Heidi’s October by Penelope McCowen. I found the resolution and conclusion particularly satisfying. It was not simplistic or trite, but a realistic assessment of the issues. I enjoyed the dialogue which had a real flow to it. At times, it was slightly humorous which lighten the otherwise heavy nature of the story.

The story begins at the start of October with Heidi making a tragic mistake borne of jealousy and a drunken state of mind. Her actions have permanent repercussions for her best friend Anna and fiancé Ben and also for Anna’s parents. The process of forgiveness is difficult when dreams have been permanently shattered. Furthermore Heidi must also learn to forgive herself and live with the consequences of her actions.

Forgiveness is a difficult subject to deal with, even in a fictional setting. Yet I found Penelope McCowen handled it particularly well. There is a strong element of Christian thought in the story which is necessary to deal with the challenging nature of the topic and bring it to a hope filled conclusion.

A tough subject, well handled.