He Walks With Me by Warren Wiresbe is a Bible study on the “I AM” statements, mostly in the book of John, but also elsewhere in the Bible. For this reason I found the title somewhat misleading. There is not a lot of personal application of the material, particularly in the early part of the book. Enjoying the abiding presence of God (the sub-title) was not specifically expanded upon, rather it was assumed that this would happen as we understood more of God’s truth. Personally I have found this is not necessarily the case.

Nevertheless I did find some insightful comments which I include here:

“To pray for the peace of Jerusalem is to pray for the peace of the world because the only way Jerusalem will have peace is when Jesus sits on the throne and he will bring world peace.” Pg. 132

Israel rejected God the Father when they asked for a King (1 Samuel 8).
Israel rejected God the Son when they crucified Jesus (Acts 3:13).
Israel rejected God the Holy Spirit when they stoned Stephen (Acts 7:51-60). Pg. 131

“It was the goodness of the Father that drew the prodigal home” (Luke 15:17). Pg. 133

“Who can mind the journey (of life) when the road leads home?” Pg. 117

He Walks With Me is a well written, easy to understand book and would be a good resource for Bible study groups, or sermon preparation.

An interesting read.