Gus Makes A Fuss by Ella Shine is the first book in a new series called, The Pet Sitters: Ready for anything! It’s a fun book about two best friends Cassie and Lina who would desperately like a pet of their own but neither of their families will allow it.

However, Lina’s neighbour asks them to mind her cat, Gus, while she is away for a couple of days but it’s a disaster. Nevertheless, in the process, they discover that Gus is a magical cat who inadvertently creates the opportunity for the girls to become regular pet sitters. The scene is set for more adventures in the future.

The illustrator is Lisa Flanagan and she has done a great job of capturing the personality of each of the characters which adds to the charm of the book. The series is aimed at 6-9-year-olds who will enjoy the humour and learn the responsibilities that come with pet ownership.

Thanks to Puddle Dog Press who are currently giving away this book as an ebook and audiobook on their website. Print copies will be available in 2021. I do know the authors and chose to receive a free copy because I have enjoyed other stories these authors have written.