It always surprises me when I re-read a book many years later and discover that it doesn’t say what I think it says!

Nevertheless God’s unfolding purpose : a guide to the study of the Bible by Suzanne de Dietrich (Westminster Press, 1957) presents a good overview of the Bible. It is not a long book (287 pages) so is not an in depth exploratory of the Bible but rather provides an outline of the main themes. From Genesis through to Revelation, we see God had a purpose to have a people for his own, a people of faith not of works and not of law. Initially, this was to be the Israelites but now it is the church. The book looks at the exodus, settling in the promised land, the exile and the return to their homeland as the major events of the Old Testament. The significance of these events in terms of God’s purpose is explained. Moving onto the New Testament the incarnation, the birth and continuance of the church become the major themes, ending with the final triumph in Revelation.

The book is well set out with every chapter begins with a summary and it moves along in a logical manner. The book contains many Biblical references so it can be used for a more extensive study.


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