Using the analogy of the American basketball team Tommy Tenney has called his book, God’s dream team (Regal, 1999). God wants a team of believers who will put aside their own desires in order to bring about his purposes.

Tenney feels the reason we do not see a major move of God in the church today is because God’s people are not accepting enough of others and are too concern with orchestrating their church to do things their way instead of seeking God’s ways. A powerful move of God is only going to happen if we stop pushing our own agendas and start discovering God’s. God wants his people to work together in a spirit of cooperation and tolerance then he will reveal his power. Tenney quotes many Biblical and life stories to illustrate his points and drive home his message.

One of his most powerful illustrations is his telling of the story of Solomon who was confronted with two women both claiming to be the mother of the one baby. Tenney describes the church as the two women fighting over the baby and how believers need to give up what they believe they are entitled to in order to bring salvation to others. Unity is so important we need to give up what is precious to us so God can have his way in our churches.

Overall a challenging and insightful look into our churches