God, the Big Bang and Bunsen-Burning Issues edited by Nigel Bovey comprises fifteen interviews with prominent scientists who are Bible believing and qualified to explain why this is not contradictory. These interviews initially appeared in the Salvation Army’s, War Cry newspaper.

One of the motivating factors in putting together the book was the rising popularity of atheists like Professor Richard Dawkins, who insists that science and faith are incompatible. The scientists in this book are all highly credentialed in a particular scientific field and yet profess faith. The writer of the foreword for example, the Right Honourable Lord Mawhinney, has an honour degree in physics, a masters and a doctorate in radiation biology. He taught science to graduate and medical students in the USA and England for over fifteen years. There is a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience behind the opinions in this book.

The questions that were put to the scientists are fairly similar which means sometimes the answers are a little repetitive but other times the answers reflect a different theological perspective. Their replies reveal their depth of knowledge and were occasionally beyond my understanding, since I’m not a scientist. Nevertheless it was clear that their faith has not been, and will not be, thrown into doubt over scientific discoveries.

An informative read.