God Loves Broken People by Sheila Walsh is a greatly encouraging book full of hope. Regardless of the extent of your brokenness or even your lack of it, this book speaks to the needs of many weary, disillusioned and wounded people.

Sheila makes the comment that if could only write one book in her life, this would be the one. This is because her passion is to see broken people find healing and wholeness in Christ. That’s not to say that all their problems will be solved but rather they will find strength and courage to live fulfilling lives.

Sheila addresses a number of issues that cause brokenness. Some self-inflicted, some inflicted by others, some simply the result of living in a broken world. She illustrates her points with illustrations from the Bible, other people’s stories and her own personal stories which I enjoyed the most.

Sheila writes in an easy to read, down to earth style and by the end of the book she has convinced the reader of the value of brokenness in revealing God’s love. Not that you look forward to difficulties but rather you so firmly believe that a good God loves you that whatever comes your way must have a good purpose behind it.

A great read.