God in Life is an anthology from Press Service International which is a ministry for young writers, aged 18-30. Though some articles are written by the ministry’s senior writers. This ministry won the 2019 ARPA Gutenberg Award. The articles were originally written for the Christian Today website.

There are over 60 articles of varying length, some are quite short just one page, and others continue over two or three pages. The articles are written from a wide range of backgrounds and theological perspectives. The topics cover a broad range of topics and themes and the book has been divided into six sections, which are Regeneration; Breaking through; Family, friends and the body of Christ; Culturality; Vision and Dreams; and Intentionality. The common thread is a commitment to a Christian world view and how this is experienced in daily life.

The book is a good quality publication and was compiled as a fundraising exercise to enable young writers to attend their national writers’ conference.

Overall, the book is a miscellany of articles on Christian life.