Girl on the Platform by Josephine Cox is part of the Quick Reads series, designed in part to give readers a taste of different authors without engaging in a full-length book. However, this book has made me reluctant to read any more of Cox’s books. I’m surprised such an experienced writer could produce such a poorly written book and can only imagine she wrote it in the early days of her career and it was published much later.

The story is about Mark and Pete who travel to London for a night out at the theatre instead of their usual trip to the pub. Both are single and hope to have some fun and meet some girls. They both have encounters with women but neither is what they expect.

The plot is implausible and relies heavily on convenience and coincidence. The dialogue is unconvincing. At first, I thought the characters must be much younger than their reported 25 years as they seem so immature. However, even then, I can’t imagine two male friends talking to each other as they do. There are also sudden changes of point of view and other errors, such as Mark not driving his car home from Pete’s.

Overall, the book was disappointing and not up to the usual standard of the Quick Reads series.

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