Get out of that pit (Thomas Nelson, 2007) is written in a conversational style and I imagine Beth Moore speaks like she writes. This style makes the book very easy to read and has touches of humor that lighten the serious message that Beth is presenting.

Based on Psalm 40:1-3, Beth defines the word “pit” as anything that makes you feel stuck, like you can’t stand up against temptation, and causes you to lose your vision—your hope for the future.

Beth also describes three paths that lead us into a pit. We are either thrown in, slip in or jump in. From there Beth outlines three steps to take in order to get out of the pit, regardless of how you found yourself there.

Beth confronts Christians and leaves them with no excuses for continuing to live in a “pit” with an unacceptable life style. She cites example after example, including many from her own life, of people who have fought addictions, emotional traumas, relational dependencies, and other type of bondages. Yet they all found freedom in Christ. Her message is highly challenging yet full of understanding and grace.