Sheila Walsh writes, Get off your knees and pray (Thomas Nelson, 2008), with the aim of encouraging Christian women to pray. Sheila provides suggestions, thought provoking illustrations and stories from her own life to reinforce her objective. She writes in a way that feels like a friendly chat over coffee, so it is not confrontational or condemning. This book is more than a book about prayer; it is about having a life style that is committed to connecting with God. Shelia addresses the many problems we face when we come to pray: Why does God say no? Is God angry with me? Why does God seem absent when I pray? Why did God help her and not me? How do I know I heard God’s voice? Can I ask God for anything if I have enough faith? Can I question God? Although many of these questions have often been discussed in other places I found Shelia answers, using Biblical truths and personal examples, reassuring and edifying.

I personally found the most beneficial part of the book was Sheila’s own testimony where she shared her struggle with depression. Her honesty and insights from this time were particularly helpful.

Overall it was a very worthwhile read.

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