Garden City : work, rest and the art of being human by John Mark Comer discusses work and rest from a biblical perspective. Comer writes in a slightly humourous manner where he includes little asides to the reader. So while much of the material in the early part of the book wasn’t new to me, I did enjoy Comer’s approach.

Comer has written his book in three parts. First, he writes about work, then rest and then about the garden city. In this way, he can look back to Adam and Eve’s work in the garden, move forward to Jesus’ time on earth and finish by looking forward to what he calls the garden city. God isn’t taking us back to a garden like Adam and Eve experienced but has something better in mind where work and rest will bring the fulfilment that God has always intended.

As someone who tends to overwork and not rest enough, I found the latter part of the book particularly helpful. I finished the book feeling more relaxed about my work and more able to permit myself to rest which was a great outcome for me and for this reason I was happy to give the book a 5-star rating on Goodreads.

Overall, an insightful read.

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