Full House by Maeve Binchy is part of the Quick Reads series. It is a short, entertaining story, although unrealistic at times. The story focuses on Dee, the mother of a family comprising her husband and three adult children who are all still living at home. It is not until her husband loses his job that Dee decides their domestic arrangements need to change. This is rather a shock to her children who have learnt over the years that their parents are happy to provide board and lodging free of charge, without them taking any responsibility for domestic chores.

While the context is completely believable, the solution to Dee’s dilemma is a bit too convenient. She manages to completely change years of behaviour, as well as her husband’s attitude, in a matter of weeks. Solutions conveniently materialize and people adapt surprisingly quickly to the new situation. The format of the book, being only 146 pages in large print, is inclined to encourage a speedy resolution.

Even so, Maeve Binchy is an excellent story teller and overall it was an enjoyable read. I like the Quick Reads series as stories are not slowed down by long winded descriptions or unnecessary detail.