Technically this book, From me to you : the reluctant writer’s guide to powerful, personal messages by JacLynn Morris and Paul Fair (Writer’s Digest, 2000), explains how to write personal messages, yet it was the most emotional book I have ever read. The book contains many examples of messages that have actually been sent which were deeply moving as people expressed their feelings towards their loved ones. Many of these messages were compiled during workshops that the authors ran and covered a wide variety of occasions such as birthdays, graduations, marriage, birth of a child and serious illness. There are also examples of messages sent to repair a relationship, reveal a secret and share family traditions.

The authors share five questions which as you answer in your message make it powerful and personal. These are the questions: What got me thinking about you? What are my positive feelings for you? What makes you special to me? What do I remember and treasure about our time together? And what do I want you to get from my message?

There are explanations, tips and further suggestions throughout the book making it a very helpful book and hopefully one that will encourage people to express their positive feelings more readily.