Freedom to Explore : a provocative A-Z for the church by Michael Frost is a collection of 26 articles Frost originally wrote for Alive magazine. Some of the articles are also extracts from his books. Mostly I enjoyed this collection of largely unrelated thoughts as Frost has an interesting perspective which is a bit unorthodox but often highly insightful. He has the ability to take a seemingly ordinary event and bring out a spiritual insight.

I thought it was a clever idea to use the letters of the alphabet to introduce each article and I liked the illustrations (by Andre de Borde) which were well-matched with the topics.

However I did struggle with some of his thoughts about the future direction of the church, while I understand his frustrations and find his ideas attractive, I just don’t see them as practical. Or perhaps I have just never been in situations where I could envisage them working.

The book is becoming dated, having being published in 2002, which is probably why I was able to buy it at a discounted price. Nevertheless I found it a worthwhile read.