Fleur moves back to her hometown, Caldon, to find herself unexpectedly living next door to the charismatic Dan Bateman. Fleur is good friends with Dan’s sister, Clare, but neither Fleur nor Dan are in a good place to be starting a new relationship. Fleur is still learning to trust again, after facing up to the abuse she suffered as a child. While Dan had to move to Caldon to finish his apprenticeship after his relationship with the boss’ daughter finished badly. Clare encourages Dan to become friends with Fleur, but all his attempts fail to impress her. Meanwhile, a mystery is brewing concerning the local policewoman, Jasmine. She has a secret that could ruin her reputation and put her job at risk.

Fleur and Dan’s relationship is complex and develops slowly throughout the book. Both have been Christians for a while, but are young in their faith. This gives the author, Jenny Glazebrook, the opportunity to explore what faith looks like when facing life’s dramas. Jenny does a good job of keeping the pace of the book going and introduces several interesting sub-plots which ultimately bring hope and healing to both Fleur and Dan.

Overall, a well-written, engaging story.

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