Joy Dawson has a large speaking ministry with Youth With A Mission. She has written, Forever Ruined for the Ordinary : the adventure of hearing and obeying God’s voice (Strand, 2006) largely from her own experiences of hearing from God. I don’t doubt any of her experiences but would have to say that her way of hearing from God is different to mine. The impression Joy creates is that she is constantly waiting before the Lord for very specific directions, often about which speaking invitations to accept and what message God wants her to bring. Perhaps if I had this type of ministry I would find it necessary to do this too. Yet I don’t see the apostle Paul receiving his guidance in this way. In Hebrews 13:23 there is no sense that Paul is being guided with every single detail of his itinerary.

Towards the end I felt the book got a little bogged down in the area of obedience. Overall though I did enjoy reading about Joy’s experiences, it is always interesting and encouraging to see how God works in another’s life.

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