For All Time is a romantic time travel story, where Analiese and Adam find themselves in 16th century England. Adam’s historical knowledge and his employment as an actor in a tourist re-enactment show, help them navigate the many difficulties of being thrown back in time. Together, Analiese and Adam have to work together to overcome the many prejudices they find in this context, which is particularly difficult as they have only just met and don’t share the same Christian values. The difficulties don’t end when they return to their own time zone as so much has happened in so little time.

Meredith Resce cleverly uses her plot to raise many issues including respect for women, how superstition grows where there is a lack of knowledge, why the Bible not being available in one’s own language is a hindrance to faith and how good things are considered evil if they cannot be explained. Meredith uses historical facts and poetic license to tell a well-written story.

Overall a great story, which raises some thought-provoking issues.