In Fine Lines, Aliki Flodine has chosen seven areas in the spiritual arena where Christians are often unclear. Aliki uses the term ‘fine lines’ to describe how easy it is to stray from the truth and into error. The seven areas she has chosen to write about are: bravery and faith; gloss and polish; fellowship and relationship; punishment and consequence; righteous and moral; wresting and fighting; and rest and laziness. Some of these terms are very similar and sometimes the way they play out in our lives may be similar but it is important to understand the difference.

Aliki does a great job of explaining and illustrating these different areas through examples from her own spiritual journey. Aliki is honest about her struggles and her mistakes which makes her writing encouraging. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on wresting and fighting. This is not a topic that is often discussed and I found Aliki’s approach very helpful.

This is just a short book but contains a lot of practical teaching.

Worth a read.