Fasting made easy by Don Colbert, MD (Siloam, 2004) is primarily a book about physical health. It is written by a doctor, Don Colbert, and is a summary of many of his other books about the physical benefits of undertaking a fruit fast particularly as it pertains to finding relief from particular diseases and health complaints. The idea is a two to three day fast, where you only consume fruit and vegetable juices, this cleans toxins from the body. Colbert shares several testimonies and medical experiences confirming these benefits.

Colbert does include one chapter on the spiritual benefits of fasting yet I find this a bit of a stretch because the sort of fast he is advocating does not fit with my idea of a spiritual fast. This is not to say what he is suggesting has no spiritual benefit but rather it is not what I think Jesus had in mind when he talks about fasting. For example there would not have been electric juicers in Jesus’ day and this is almost essential if you are going to follow Colbert’s instructions. The fruit fast he outlines requires consuming something like six carrots and six apples per day as juice (or the equivalent in other fruit and vegetables). Colbert does discuss a water only fast, which is more what I think the Bible means by fasting, but for only one brief page. Nevertheless I found this to be a very sensible book highlighting the benefits of fasting but also advising people of the need to consult their doctor.