Falling for the farmer is a Harlequin Love Inspired novel by debut author Narelle Atkins. Love Inspired Fiction is described as, “Contemporary inspirational romances that feature Christian characters facing the many challenges of life and love in today’s world.”

Falling for the farmer is an enjoyable story. It tells of the relationship that develops between Sydney-sider Kate and her best friend’s brother Jack, an orchardist. It is an unlikely romance since both have been scarred by past failures in relationships and this one also seems destined for disappointment, unless they can both adjust their perspectives.

I enjoyed the subtle inclusion of Christian thought, without it being a major focus. I also liked the realism of the adversities that the couple had to face – the temptation of marrying for money, the pressure from families, the responsibility to learn from our mistakes and allow others to learn from theirs. Plus I really enjoyed the setting as I am very familiar with the area.

Overall an entertaining read.

Thanks to Narelle Atkins for providing a free book for review.