This is quite a humorous romantic comedy which is not meant to be taken too seriously. The premise is that a girl, Della, who has grown up in a family of confidence tricksters falls in love with a millionaire who she is trying to ‘con’. However it is not all plain sailing as he has a few tricks of his own. We are never quite sure if he knows Della is playing an elaborate game or if Della will be able to pull off the ‘con’.

Toni Jordan has thoroughly researched confidence tricksters and does a great job of painting a believable context for this story. The characters are convincing and there is enough suspense to make the story intriguing.

The story is set in Melbourne and also at Wilson’s Promontory so it makes a pleasant change to read about places that I’m familiar with. This is a good read for mature audiences, light hearted, and amusing with an ending that is not altogether “happily ever after” but in keeping with the story line.