Fair Fashion is the first book in the Earth Friends books by Holly Webb. The series contains strong themes about helping the environment and friendship. Holly is well known for her books about animal stories, but the Earth Friends series is about four human friends, Maya, Poppy, Emily and Izzy, who undertake environmental projects and have fun along the way.

The first project the girls embark upon is the result of a school project about Fairtrade. Maya is appalled to discover her favourite clothes are made by underprivileged children in factories with inadequate facilities. In the process of working on the school project, the girls decide they’d like to make a small but significant difference in the lives of other children. Meanwhile, Maya is also trying to keep her celebrity mother a secret. She dislikes the attention she receives when people find out her mother is a well-known singer.

This is a fun story with an important message about appreciating our privileges and using our influence where we can, to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Overall, a hopeful read.

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