Max Lucado uses nineteen stories from the life of David to put together this book on Facing Your Giants. Max covers all sorts of issues such as grief, isolation, being overlooked, abandonment, failure and even success and shows how David faced each of these – sometimes well and sometimes not so well. I found that although these stories were familiar to me that Max brought fresh perspective and insight to them. He applied them to modern situations and made them relevant for today. Max writes in a story like way which makes for easy reading.

The book is deeply encouraging. No matter what difficult situation you are facing, whether it is the result of someone else’s sin or the result of your own, God is able to help, strengthen and empower us to bring about a good outcome.

Each chapter is complete in itself, though sometimes this creates a bit of overlap between chapters but this is only noticed if you read several chapters in one sitting. The advantage is each chapter can be studied separately. There is a study guide at the end to facilitate this.

An encouraging read.