Darlene Zschech begins her book Extravagant Worship with the woman in the gospels who anointed Jesus’ feet with costly perfume. This woman is an extravagant worshipper. Darlene describes this woman’s worship as: excessive, abundant, expensive, superfluous, lavish, costly, precious, rich, priceless, and valuable. This story is a great introduction and explanation of the theme – extravagant worship.

The book covers all the aspects that create extravagant worship such as, having a godly lifestyle, talent, the power of praise, having a commitment to excellence, being emotionally connected to God and others, having a serving attitude and working with others. Darlene focuses on the importance of the worship leader having a humble attitude towards being upfront, remembering that they are there to serve, not to draw attention to themselves.

Mostly this book is written for worship leaders and those aspiring to be worship leaders. It helps them understand that first of all they need to be worshippers, then they need to be spiritually mature enough to understand what is required to lead people to a place of worship and not just doing what they enjoy or what will impress others.

Interspersed throughout the book are songs, poems and prayers that Darlene and others have written. This adds visual interest and character to the book. Side bars are also used effectively.

Overall a very useful resource for those who are on a worship team.