Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Autoimmune Diseases was written by Dr Henry Wright but brought to publication by his wife, Donna Wright following Henry’s death. Together Henry and Donna have taught and prayed for healing for many during their ministry with significant results. They make it clear that they aren’t operating outside of medical advice and encourage people to continue with treatments until their doctor tells them otherwise.

Henry Wright conducted much research into why so many Christians are unwell and why healings in Western culture are uncommon. He concluded that some, but not all medical conditions, have spiritual issues as the source. His particular focus was autoimmune diseases because medical doctors don’t understand what causes these particular diseases.

  1. Wright’s research has led him to conclude that there are three spiritual causes of these diseases:
    • Separation from God – to be healed you must believe God’s Word that he truly loves you.
    • Separation from self – which occurs when we aren’t accepting ourselves and struggling with self-hate, guilt and shame
    • Separation from others – through unforgiveness and bitterness

In many ways, I found Wright’s teaching to be similar to Neil Anderson’s about our identity and freedom in Christ. What we believe not only affects our spiritual health but also our physical and mental health.

Overall, a short but helpful book with useful insights.

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