In the early part of this book, Henry Blackaby describes the many successes he’s had in the churches he has pastored. These churches have grown numerically as people have experienced God’s love and grace in a church community. I found this somewhat depressing as I have rarely been part of a church like that. However, he does move on to discuss more challenging church situations.

In difficult churches, Blackaby goes back to basics and explains the significance of God’s covenant with his people and how this impacts our lives. He expects people’s lives to be changed as a result of believing the Gospel and that they will be motivated to seek God’s direction for their church.

While Henry Blackaby writes well and explains his approach to teaching biblical principles to a church, the best part of the book were the anecdotes that Melvin provided. These illustrations and examples provided practical application of the truths his father was presenting and brought a lightness to the text.

Still, the book doesn’t solve the problem of motivating a church community to be on mission with God or stirring a church to gather to pray outside the Sunday gathering.

Overall, an easy to read book with no easy answers.