I enjoy Neil Anderson’s teaching and have read most of his books. I found Experiencing Christ Together was a look at familiar material from the viewpoint of marriage. In some ways this made it a bit stale at times but nevertheless it is excellent teaching and it’s good to be reminded of the importance of who we are in Christ.

As you would expect, Anderson and Mylander deal with many issues particularly related to marriage, such as communication, family or origin, love languages, sex before marriage, adultery etc. They also drew on the wisdom of others quoting from John Gray’s, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and Gary Chapman’s, The Five Love Languages in particular. There are also many illustrations from the lives of those they have minister to or counselled.

There is additional material for group discussion as well as a devotional activity for couples at the end of each chapter. The last chapter contains steps to freedom for couples to work through where they ask God to reveal blockages in their marriages or in their personal lives. There are prayers and declarations to help with this process.

Overall this is a useful resource for couples or for use in church ministry.