In this short book, Every day deserves a chance (Thomas Nelson, 2007) by Max Lucado, the author makes three main points. These are to saturate each day in God’s grace; to entrust each day to God’s oversight and to accept God’s direction. It is a practical yet challenging message that each and every day we can look to God for His provision, guidance and direction. By focusing on the present day, we are less overwhelmed by future worries or past difficulties. It is easier to trust God for one day then for a week or a month. We can then trust God for tomorrow when it arrives. By taking this daily approach to life, we can string together a series of good days which become a good life.

Lucado concludes each chapter with what he calls, “Daylifters” which is a page of positive thoughts that can be quickly read and acted on. I enjoyed this book which is written in Lucado’s easy to read manner with lots of personal interest stories. Many of these stories relate to incidents that were recently in the news giving an up to date feel to the book.

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