Elsewhere Girls is the story of two girls living more than a hundred years apart who inadvertently swap lives. Both girls live in Sydney, but Fanny lives in 1905 with her large family above a hotel. Meanwhile, Cat lives in 2021 with her Dad and sister above a mini-mart. Her mother is a flight attendant and often works on overseas flights. Cat’s family has recently moved to Sydney when their Dad lost his job in Orange. Cat won a swimming scholarship to attend Victoria Grammar along with her sister but she’d rather be in Orange with her friends. Both Cat and Fanny are hoping to qualify for the State swimming finals but Fanny’s times are slipping and Cat is struggling to keep motivated.

The time switch happens and Cat is thrust into a world of chores at a hotel with primitive conditions while Fanny is coping with a myriad of electronic gadgets. The experience teaches them both about themselves, their priorities and the value of family and friendships.

This is a clever, well-told story about growing up in vastly different circumstances yet learning to appreciate your lifestyle. The book is written by two authors, Emily Gale and Nova Weetman, with each one taking a different character. This worked well.

Overall an enjoyable read.

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