Ehvah After is an unlikely romance between an American teen pop star who is past her use-by date and an Australian body guard. Ehvah and David meet in an idyllic location but under hazardous circumstances. Although from two completely different backgrounds, it turns out they have more in common than would be expected. It’s a bumpy journey as Ehvah and David navigate their pasts, their ambitions and their differences to find common ground.

Rose Dee creates surprising but believable contexts for her characters and therefore the obstacles they confronted are all the more interesting. Some of the issues raised in this book are post-traumatic stress, early childhood losses, and the inadequacy of wealth to solve problems. These are common issues in today’s society.

I enjoy Rose’s books because they are realistic portrayals of ordinary flawed people who make mistakes and have to live with the consequences. Also there is always more than just a romance happening and this one contains a good deal of mystery and drama. I like Rose’s Australian settings and encounters with the wildlife which adds appeal to the story.

Ehvah After has more spiritual content than Rose’s other books and this develops slowly through the book. This content explores the relevancy of faith to everyday life making it relatable and integral to the story.

Ehvah After is a good read – engaging and original.

With thanks to Rose for providing a free book for review.