Dust Makers is a collection of 13 stories for young adults that focus on the impact we have on our planet. The narratives consider the themes of sustainability, the environment and the legacy we leave for others. About two-thirds of the stories occur in the future and show how young people grapple with the changes that have occurred on earth as a result of climate change and the poor management of the earth’s resources. Their courage and resilience in the face of devastating consequences plus their desire to work towards improving and reversing the damage feels realistic and convincing. Other stories focus on the present and how our daily choices affect our environment. While one story is historical and provides an interesting insight into how things can change. Together the stories, while fictional, send a message – our choices do matter and we can make a difference. Connections between friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues add depth to the stories and show the positive impact of healthy relationships to strengthen our resolve for change.

Overall, the stories are well-written, imaginative and hopeful.

Thanks to Rhiza Edge for providing a free copy to review.

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