While I was at the Conference I bought one of Wayne Corderio’s books:

Wayne Corderio has written, The dream releasers (Life Essentials, 2002) in two parts. Firstly there is our own God given dream that God has planned in our lives. This dream will be unique to us. It will involve using our gifts and abilities to bring about outcomes that will bless others. Often our dreams face setbacks and detours yet despite delays and disappointments. God’s intention is for our dreams to be fulfilled. Our responsibility is to find those things God has particularly placed on our hearts and to actively seek to fulfill all that God has in mind for us. Wayne writes about the sadness of people dying without achieving their potential.

In part two which is the longer part of the book, Wayne encourages his readers to help others to find their dreams and to support them through discouragement and obstacles. Interestingly enough often in the process of helping others we find our own dream realized. Wayne lists many dream killers, like pride, ingratitude, and impatience but also some keys to release dreams.

Wayne makes use of stories and events from his own life to illustrate his points. This is a short book that is easy to read.