In the first few chapters of Doing church as a team (Regal, 2004), the author, Wayne Cordeiro, covers the basics: God has a plan, God wants to use the church to fulfill his plan, God gives gifts to build up the church, each member uses their gifts to serve others. This way the whole church is involved in fulfilling God’s purposes and not just the leader. Then Cordeiro spends some time discussing leadership. Pastors are not meant to carry the burden of pastoring a church alone so he looks at ways of developing leadership. He encourages people to develop godly character, to take risks by using their God given gifts, and to look for opportunities to serve others.

Corderio believes in the importance of motivating others by the use of vision statements and core values. He spends some time outlining how they achieved this at the church where he pastors. He feels by spending time developing these missional statements the church becomes team orientated with everyone focused on the same goal. Corederio concludes the book with ways to nurture the team, how to help people negotiate transition, and ways to change church culture.

Overall this is a helpful book with much good teaching for those involved with church leadership.