Craig Groeschel writes about seven decisions that have changed his life in Divine Direction with the hope that it will change the lives of others. The seven decisions are the titles of the chapters: Start, Stop, Stay, Go, Serve, Connect and Trust.

In the introduction, Groeschel points out that our lives aren’t primarily changed by the big decisions we make but by the small everyday ones. Exercise, spiritual and health disciplines are done on a daily or weekly basis and depending on whether we are faithful or not determines how beneficial the discipline will be to our lives.

Corresponding to their titles, Groeschel considers the following topics: starting a new discipline, stopping an unhelpful practice, persevering with a current routine, going in a new direction, serving in a new area, connecting with others and trusting God. I like his simple approach. However, some of the choices might be more difficult than he suggests, though he does point out the value of praying and seeking God’s guidance.

I did struggle with the first chapter on starting and nearly gave up on the book. At this point, I don’t feel the need to take on a new discipline and found him a little overbearing. Nevertheless, the rest of the book was helpful.

A worthwhile read.