Dead Possums are fair game is the story of Ella and her friends as they work together to complete a Mathematic project. Maths isn’t Ella strength and she constantly worries that she will have to spend the holidays being tutored in Maths to improve her grades. The story is somewhat predictable. One disaster follows another and when Ella’s aunt comes to stay with her dog, Chewy, Ella’s Maths homework was always going to be destroyed.

The author, Taryn Souders, has added humour based on slapstick events or bodily functions, which I didn’t enjoy. However, I suspect the intended audience will appreciate the humour more than me. Due to the large number of issues that the group faced in completing their project, including computer difficulties, Ella’s controlling nature, and her compulsive worrying, meant I found the plot unconvincing.

As the story came to an improbable happy-ever-after conclusion, Souders was inclined to tell us the lessons that Ella learnt, rather than show us. However, I did appreciate the encouragement given to children who struggle with maths or other subjects.

Overall, the story lacked originality, but children will still enjoy it.

Thanks to Christian School Supplier for providing a free book for review.