Dave the Donkey by Andrew McDonough is being featured on the Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance this week. Information about the author and more details about the book can be found here.

McDonough in his book, Dave the Donkey, tells the Easter story from the point of view of the donkey that carried Jesus on Palm Sunday. This novel point of view creates the opportunity to relate the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. McDonough cleverly uses this perspective to point out the reversal of events that happened at Easter and the unexpected outcome.

The illustrations are simple yet bright and colourful. Some parts of the story are told solely pictorially which makes it a good introduction for young children to the Easter story as parents, if they would like to, can add explanation appropriate for the age of their child.

I’m sure children will enjoy this version of the Easter story.

Thanks to Andrew for providing a free copy for review.