Brené Brown is a researcher who has spent many years studying connection, shame and vulnerability. Brown found that people need connection with others as it gives meaning and purpose to their lives. Our biggest fears are to do with disconnection and the emotion that causes the biggest disconnection is shame. When we feel we are not good enough or worthy enough for connection.

As Brown continued with her research she discovered what she calls the ‘Wholehearted’. Those people who were shame resilient and were able to overcome their fear of disconnection. As she studied the Wholehearted, she discovered these were people of courage, compassion, empathy and vulnerability. In fact, vulnerability plays a major role in overcoming shame.

If we have people in our lives who we are prepared to be honest with, who are prepared to accept us as we are, knowing our weaknesses and foibles, it goes a long way to overcoming shame.

Brown comes to her topic with the skills of a researcher, but the heart of someone who wants to enrich the lives of others by sharing her conclusions. Brown is a Christian but writes from the perspective of her research, rather than her faith, so her book is a combination of research and anecdotal evidence. At times it is quite in-depth but this is broken up with illustrations and the personal conversations she has had with the participants in her studies.

Brown’s overall message is to dare greatly by being more vulnerable in our personal relationships.

An insight and hopeful read.