In Dare to Lead, Brene writes about the importance of vulnerability, courage, shame, empathy, curiosity, brave trust and being true to our values. She has covered these topics in her other books but here she has compiled the issues that particularly relate to people in leadership. Brene uses examples and illustrations from real situations that she has been involved in. She also shares some of her personal successes and failures. This makes the book relatable and engaging.

Brene makes the point that even leaders in high profile positions are still people with the regular struggles we all face. Often leaders feel more pressure to perform and place higher expectations on themselves than others, without asking if their expectations are reasonable. Through this book Brene allows leaders to take a wider perspective of their leadership and become better equipped and healthier leaders.

If you are in a leadership position in a large organization, there’s much in the book that would be helpful even if you have read Brene’s other books. The content in this book is very focused on leadership issues and although she has discussed these principles elsewhere, it’s helpful to read them in a leadership context.

A good resource for leaders.

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