Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels was required reading for the course I am currently doing which was just as well because I would not have finished it otherwise. The first six chapters were written very much from Bill’s personality type, that is, full on, extravert, driven, goal setting, vision casting. I was exhausted just reading it and was ready to throw the book out the window. However then Bill wrote a chapter on other leadership types and I started to breathe a sigh of relief. Then there was a chapter on self-leadership and another on different ways people connect to God. All of a sudden I was enjoying the book!

In the second half of the book Bill started to share honestly, particularly about some of his struggles. He spoke about the Christian counsellor he went to and the advice he was given to build rest and recreation into his schedule. He spoke about how leaders need to have maintainable schedules if they are going to last the distance.

In the end I was glad I persisted with finishing the book. I understand that I am a completely different personality to Bill yet he was able to provide me with many valuable insights.