The title, Conflict Free Living (Charisma House, 2008), implies that one can live without ever experiencing conflict, yet this is not what the author, Joyce Meyer, means. She believes we are meant to live without the conflict of our circumstances entering our minds and heart. If we develop our trust for God sufficiently we can be at peace regardless of the situation. Joyce shares how she has learned to almost always be at peace. She recognizes it is not easy or quick to get to this place but well worth the effort.

The book is divided into three parts. Part one, Identifying the telltale signs, looks at areas where conflict enters our lives. Part two, Healing troubled relationships which looks at acceptance, forgiveness and how to disagree agreeably. I enjoyed part three the most as Joyce looked at, Unleashing God’s power and blessing. Where she looks at operating from a position of peace and trust in God. There is an excellent chapter on spiritual warfare which focuses on “submitting to God” rather than the more usual approach of “resisting the devil”.

I appreciated Joyce honest approach as she shares some of the mistakes she made both as a wife and mother. I also appreciated the way she acknowledges it is a process and not achieved without growing pains.

Conflict Free Living was previously published as Life Without Strife in 1995, 2000.