I have read many of these types of books but usually, they are aimed at young teenagers. However Colostrum : Spiritual Antibodies for New Christians by Rev David Greentree is addressing those who are physically older. At least one enough to make their own decisions regarding faith, such as where they will go to church, how they will practice their new faith, who they will befriend etc.

While Greentree covers the normal basics that new Christians need to know – the importance of reading the Bible, prayer, fellowship etc. I felt this book was unique in the way it addresses areas where a new believer could easily be lead away from their new faith. Greentree has done an excellent job of pointing out potential hazards for the new Christian. This is not usually a topic that is covered by such books and yet it is important that believers be aware of these issues. Some may feel this will alarm new Christians. Yet when we read the New Testament letters Paul wrote to young believers he did not hesitate to warn them of threats to their faith.

I was pleased to find that Greentree wasn’t legalistic in his advice but encouraged the new believer to seek God on matters such as which Bible translation to read, which church denomination to become involved in and other non-essential issues.

My only small complaint would be that Greentree likes to quote from some Anglican texts. I would not have minded if he had not chosen such old versions. He did explain his reasons for doing this but I stumbled over the archaic language and felt it distract from the point he was making.

Overall though, a very useful and helpful book for young Christians and others who would benefit from being reminded of the basics of our faith.

Thanks to Elizabeth Greentree for providing a free book for review.