Captured by Calvary is a collection of 31 devotions about the Cross of Christ. Ray Hawkins has written these thoughts to help people meditate on the implications of Christ’s death.

These devotions are an in-depth look at the different aspects of the work Christ accomplished on the cross. It looks at the symbolism of the cross; the connection with the Passover; the fulfilment of Old Testament thinking as well as the prophesies; God’s foreknowledge of the Cross; the significance of various events and sayings that happened at the time of Christ’s death; and how the significance of the cross applies to us today.

These thoughts would be a useful launching place for those who regularly give communion talks or as a Bible study or personal daily devotional.

Although this is a short book, it is not a quick read. As a book reviewer, I found it difficult to read more than one or two devotions a day as they are quite theologically profound and I needed time to digest them. Each devotional is well thought through and often weighty.

Overall a valuable addition to one’s theological library.

Thanks to Even Before Publishing for providing a free book for review.