Cape Refuge (Zondervan, 2002) is a Christian fiction mystery novel by Terri Blackstock. It is set near Savannah in Georgia and begins with the tragic murders of Thelma and Wayne Owens. The murder weapon belongs to their son-in-law, Jonathan and he is immediately arrested. The Owens had been running Hanover House, a halfway house to shelter those who need a place to stay while getting their lives back on track. So numerous questionable characters have stayed there but are any of them capable of murder?

The future of Hanover House is also thrown into turmoil. The Owens have two daughters, Blair, who is completely uninterested in her parent’s life style and Morgan, Jonathan’s wife who is overwhelmed with the turn of events. Combined together these events make for an interesting story with many twists and turns before the culprit is revealed. Terri Blackstock has chosen to write this story with a Christian backdrop, raising the question of why God would allow Christians to die prematurely and brutally. While no answers are given we are able to identify with Blackstock’s characters as they struggle with their grief and wrestle with the problem of suffering.

Cape Refuge is written in an unusual genre which gives Blackstock the opportunity to discuss the deeper issues of life and death. An enjoyable read.