Bruchko by Bruce Olson (Creation House, 1993)

Soon after becoming a Christian Bruce Olson had a conviction that God wanted him to be a missionary. Initially he fought the idea but as time went on the conviction became even stronger and more specific, God wanted him in South America. Bruce was only 19 when he boarded a plane for Venezuela.

When Bruce first met an Indian tribe he learnt that they had rejected Christianity because they rejected Western culture. After many trials Bruce was accepted by a Motilone tribe of Indians who let him live with them and learn their language and customs. He also helped with some of their health issues. Bruce built a relationship with one of the younger men and eventually taught him about Jesus. This young man was then able to present the gospel to the rest of the tribe in a way they could relate to. The conversion of this tribe to Christianity and the changes it brought were truly astounding.

Bruce faced further challenges particularly from land settlers wanting to take the Indians land. Through it all though God has continued to work through Bruce and touch the lives of Indian tribes throughout South America.

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