Renee Bennett has written and published (2009) a sensitive and touching book, Broken Wing Butterfly, for young women who have grown up in homes where there has been family conflict and breakdown.

Renee is a pastor but the book is written from a practical perspective not a spiritual one. The five chapters move through the feelings and issues that girls encounter as a result of their parents relationship breakdown and endeavours to bring them to a place of healing and resolution. There are questions and opportunities to journal personal experiences throughout the book.

While I haven’t experienced this type of family break down myself I found the book covered all the essential elements of emotional healing – re-evaluating the situation more accurately; acknowledging the pain and loss, not accepting responsibility for events where the person was not at fault; forgiveness; and redefining the future.

Children will always experience some level of rejection no matter how well a family break up is handled and this book is a valuable resource for young women who have been through this experience.