Jenny Glazebrook’s books remind me of what it’s like to be a young Christian and a teenager. Jenny does a great job of capturing the teenager/young adult world with stories that draw you in. Her characters are believable and the settings realistic.

Blaze in the Storm is the first in a series of six which introduces the Clement family. Six new children at school is bound to cause a stir especially with their circus background and their excessive love of horses. Bonnie is drawn to the eldest, Blaze but his overly Christian stance is off putting as he has yet to learn how to express his faith with grace and gentleness.

Jenny is also unafraid of putting her characters in difficult situations which causes them to question their faith. Some of these difficulties are life threatening, others are the disillusionment with other Christians, but all are part of the Christian life. Jenny also understands how God works healing into a person’s life which may take years to bear fruit.

This is a great novel for young adults as there is so much for them to identify with from school yard name callers to high achievers to those who are simply bored and enjoy disrupting the classroom.

A great read.

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