Birds and the Bees by the Book is a six-book series covering sex, gender, family, body, brain and pornography. They are written by Patricia Weerakoon from a Christian perspective for children 7-10 years-old.

The books are written in a simple and direct manner without the use of euphemisms. This took me a little by surprise as body parts and sexual activity were described using correct medical terminology. I like the way Patricia encouraged children to look after themselves physically and mentally. I was particularly impressive with the booklets on the brain and pornography. These are subjects not often addressed in these types of books. I thought Patricia did a great job of explaining the importance being careful about the information we absorb and how this affects our brains.

Each book is written with the intention of being able to be read separately from the others. This means some information is repeated in other books. Unless you are reading the books one after another, (like I did for review purposes), this is not an issue. It provides the opportunity of being able to pace the material over a long period of time as children grow in their understanding.

Overall a great parenting resource.

Thanks to Patricia Weerakoon for providing free books for review.